Renze Klamer under fire after criticism of ‘silly’ Coffee Time ladies

Renze Klamer receives strong criticism from table guest Sanne Wallis de Vries when he insults the presenters of Koffietijd. “Why are you showing this fragment? Do you think this is stupid or something?”


The morning program Koffietijd regularly produces distracting fragments, because the show mainly focuses on light entertainment instead of content. Renze Klamer late in the most recent episode of Race on Saturday see such a fragment and say: “Over to Coffee Time, which is actually unparalleled in its cozy simplicity.”

Senseless and silly

Then Loretta Schrijver and Quinty Trustfull appear on screen. They talk about reincarnation and which animal they would like to return to Earth as. Loretta then wants to be a mountain gorilla mom, so she has a cute little monkey hanging from her belly all day long.

After the fragment, table guest Angela de Jong remarks in surprise: “How did you describe it?!”

Renze: “Incredibly pointless actually. Silly indeed. That’s actually what it is.”

Sanne critical

Cabaret artist Sanne Wallis de Vries, who is also sitting at the table, thinks that is unkind. “How so? It’s just fun, isn’t it?”

Renze quickly tries to talk about it: “It is true that Angela once started there as an intern.”

Angela: “I did an internship there, but that was still in the time of Hans and Mireille. Back then it was still really cult and I was allowed to arrange the shopping game.”

Sanne: “Wow, that is also a nice fact about you. Maybe for De Slimste Mens.”

“Do you think this is stupid?”

Sanne doesn’t let it go at that. “Why are you looking into this? Because you think this is stupid or something?”

Renze still responds. “I find it entertaining and interesting. Of course it is also a phenomenon. And it’s going to stop, so it’s also that you think: we have to enjoy this for a while.”

Sanne: “Yes, but now you play it a little better. You just said ‘silly’ and I find that so negative.”

Renze: “Why? There’s nothing wrong with a nice silliness now and then, right?”

Sanne: “No, that’s why. I love this.”

Renze: “Yes, me too. Unparalleled stupidity. I also think that is commendable.”

Fairly silly

Angela then to Sanne: “Which animal would you like to come back as?”

Sanne: “I don’t think I’ll be back, so I don’t have to make that choice.”

Angela: “That would be my answer too and that’s why it’s a pretty silly question.”

Padoem patsss.