Ronald Molendijk gets a big blow from Victor Vlam. He thinks that the Shownieuws expert is very busy talking to the big boss John de Mol.

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    Victor Vlam, the communication expert and podcast maker who appeared last year in the summer edition of Shownieuws, thinks that at SBS 6 you notice that everything is dominated by the great leader. His then colleagues from the show section were also very busy with John de Mol, he reveals in his podcast The Communicados.

    The big boss

    John is Talpa, says Victor. “Talpa is in fact a one-man business: there is one person in charge and that is John de Mol. He is also the owner. He is the one who decides everything. It’s also that he’s known to be a huge perfectionist who cares about the smallest details. He feels free to call the editors of the programs.”

    Then the big boss, for example, tells you what needs to be done differently. “That means that many guests are aware that if you want to appear in that program more often, it is useful to talk to the big boss, so you see that happening constantly in those programs. ”

    To the mouth

    Does Victor have examples of that? “That is what Johan Derksen does, but that is also what often happens in other programmes. Of course I worked at the summer edition of Shownieuws and in a broadcast that I was not in myself, but was watching, I saw Bram Moszkowicz and Ronald Molendijk at one point.”

    He continues: “It was the day before Tim Hofman’s second video on The Voice came out. They then started to attack Tim Hofman. I thought to myself, this is a really bad idea, why the hell are you doing that? Because we didn’t know what the video would have. We only knew that the first video had made a huge impact.”

    Very premature

    It was very clear to the viewer where this came from, says Victor. “It was very premature and it was very clear that there was a self-interest for Talpa to announce that. That’s why the viewer doesn’t take it seriously.”

    A better tactic from Talpa would have been to raise expectations about Tim’s second Voice documentary as high as possible, so that it could only be disappointing afterwards, according to Victor. “But people were far too busy talking to John de Mol. Then you get this kind of misery.”

    Juice channels

    It is not the first time that Victor strongly criticizes Ronald. The communication expert previously accused him that his celebrity slime leads to people moving to the juice channels at a rapid pace.

    Victor is no longer working for Shownieuws.