In recent years, players familiar from the SM League plan to play in KHL despite the changed world situation.

    Rudolf Cerveny played for the 2020-21 season in Lahti. Tomi Jokela / AOP

    Acquired at Kärppi at last season’s transfer line Rudolf Cerveny moves Sport Express joined the KHL on the Vladivostok team.

    Cerveny moved into the SM League in March when his last season’s KHL team Dinamo Riga withdrew from the series due to the war in Ukraine.

    “Of course we discuss the world situation with our customers, that’s our job,” said Cerveny’s agent. Michal Sivek to the Czechs Ceska TV.

    – You don’t always agree on things, and it’s completely personal. The player always has the last word, Sivek continued.

    Cerveny played only one match in the Flies shirt this spring. In the second season, he represented Pelicans.

    A Slovak who fought in the fly in 2019-21 Patrik Rybar will also play with these prospects in KHL next season. Rybar, who fought for the Slovak Olympic bronze in February, signed a deal with Spartak in Moscow.