06/23/2022 at 21:16


    No one could imagine that Sissoko was telling the truth when he claimed that he had nothing signed with another team

    It is necessary to recognize him to Ousmane Dembélé his ingenuity for the dribbling. In the field nobody is able to anticipate what he will do, neither outside. When Dembélé said with a poker face that he was left-handed, and at the same time, that he shot penalties better with his right, he was serious. That is, he thought one thing and the opposite. I mean, he had no idea or he was just as confused as we are right now.

    It is the same face that we have seen when they ask him if he wants to continue at Barça. The soap opera of his renewal has underlined the unpredictable profile of the Frenchman. After several comings and goings, and as many script twists, there are two culé profiles left. The one who is saturated and doesn’t want to see it anymore. And the one who long ago accepted Dembélé as those friends to whom you laugh all thanks. The most surprising thing about the case has been the management that his agent has done.

    No one could imagine that Moussa Sissoko was telling the truth when he claimed that he had nothing signed with another team. We all took for granted that the repeated refusals to Barça were explained because they had a plan B. It was unthinkable that he would risk not having his future assured with a player so prone to injury. But the last days, with his approach to Barça, confirm the unexpected. That Dembélé has no teams a few days before the end of June (don’t rule out the opposite at this point either). So let’s qualify and say that he apparently doesn’t have a team.

    It is an unprecedented case. The classic French summer comedy with long after-dinner conversations (there have been so many summits that Barça must have already climbed the mountain of Montserrat several times), some entanglements and more than one fright.

    David Carabén, son of former director Armand Caraben and singer of Mishima, already warned months ago that we would all end up dizzy with Dembélé. “Every time I find out that the defender has no fucking idea where he’s going to come out, and you, as a spectator, don’t have a fucking idea either, you start to suspect that he doesn’t have a fucking idea either. It’s spinning people’s brains”.