In the match between Pinto and the player’s agent Vigorelli, no agreement for the extension of the contract. Relations remain cordial, but with 55 million the young talent can leave

    Hot phones and a busy schedule: the future of Roma passes through Milan, where the sports director Tiago Pinto spent the whole day on Thursday. The Portuguese executive spent the last few hours in the ME Hotel in Piazza della Repubblica, to discuss with the prosecutors of Zaniolo and Frattesi, but also with the agents of the departing parties Kluivert and Calafiori. All the attention, however, was aimed at meeting Claudio Vigorelli, Nicolò Zaniolo’s agent: the two met in the afternoon and in the evening because the issues to be addressed are many and the importance of the Giallorossi talent deserves more than an interview.


    Relations between the parties are excellent. And any solution there will be, today and in the future, will be shared. Zaniolo, and his entourage reiterated this, would and would have liked to have the contract adjusted (expiring in 2024) while the Roma GM explained his intention to postpone the speech to September. In between, however, there are two months of transfer market. Pinto and Vigorelli know this well, so they have not ruled out to meet again in the coming weeks: if an Italian club presents an advantageous offer (for the club or for the player), there will be a way to talk about it and evaluate together what to do. To snatch Zaniolo from the Giallorossi you need 55-60 million. At the moment, this is an inaccessible figure for most of the big Serie A players: if no proposals arrive, Nicolò will remain in the capital and, after the first days of the championship, will sit down to discuss the renewal. The important thing, and both sides agreed on this, is that we try as much as possible to maintain Zaniolo’s tranquility, especially when the new season begins in early July. Then, if important offers arrive, everything will come up for discussion. But for now, even without renewal, let’s go on together.