Rob Kemps talentless? “He really needs training wheels for everything!”

Rob Kemps has suffered a lot of image damage in the past year, because he was exposed twice as a kind of ventriloquist dummy. “He also needed training wheels for his latest adventure.”


It is not easy for Rob Kemps: one moment you are being hailed as the new TV talent in the Netherlands and the next moment you are folded double in the crash barrier. People wonder how authentic this entertainer really is, because he has been exposed several times in a short time as someone who makes a nice impression with the work of others.

training wheels

Not only was it discovered that Rob had lied about the Snollebollekes for a long time – it turned out he didn’t sing those songs himself at all – but also that he didn’t make up his questions in the interview show The 10 Questions at all. They turned out to be whispered by Antoinnette Scheulderman, a confidant of Linda de Mol.

According to TV connoisseur Rob Goossens of RTL Boulevard, it appears that one star receives a little more help than the other. “When it turned out that he also needs training wheels for his latest adventure, viewers began to wonder what he could do,” he sneered in his column for Veronica Superguide.

Linda’s shop

Like many critics, Rob finds it incomprehensible that the other Rob got a talk show at all. “I think a better question is why they gave him an interview program. Would he secretly look after Linda de Mol’s entire shop until she goes back to work?

After all, Ik Hou Van Holland was also taken over by Rob earlier. “It would explain a lot.”


Incidentally, in principle Rob has nothing against TV stars who wear earpieces. According to him, it is useful ‘if something goes wrong, or to make it clear that the conversation must be completed’.

But to really have all your interview questions dictated by your coach is of course another story. In any case, one of Rob’s interview guests, Johan Derksen, is done with it: “Let him do From Left to Right again.”