Jenni Pääskysaari follows news from a surprising source

In the spring, Jenni Pääskysaari will have a talk show bearing her own name.

All-rounder in the media industry Jenni Pääskysaari started on the radio as a news reporter for Kiss FM in the late 1990s right after graduating from high school and the radio work program at Laajasalo College.

However, in his career that has lasted a quarter of a century, he has managed to do many things: host, write scripts, direct and produce. Today, as an entrepreneur, the woman does all this as well as program ideation and conceptualization under the umbrella of content production.

– I have never regretted going into the media industry. But I’m not saying that there haven’t been failures, bad moments or upsets. I’m really grateful for what I get to do, Pääskysaari sums up.

Jenni Pääskysaari has been in the media industry for 25 years. Jussi Eskola

Journalist and human being

Of course, Pääskysaari has also received “you would go to a real job” comments, like all journalists who make even a little bit of entertaining content. And during the radio hours, it is said that people were constantly asking when he would “get” on TV.

– However, radio is my great love. You can’t value tools that way, the media industry connoisseur reminds.

Pääskysaari also announces that both media creators and consumers should distinguish more clearly when there is a journalist in the frame, and when a private person is behind the role of journalist.

– In the journalist’s work, as in everything else, it is of course good to receive feedback and criticism is also accepted. It is part of our field to be allowed to criticize our work.

– But you also always have to remember that criticism directed at my work self doesn’t really say anything about me as a person, Pääskysaari emphasizes.

The media all-rounder also reminds the viewers that things that look easy on the screen may have been very challenging to organize and there is usually a reason why things are the way they are.

A seeker of stories

Even though media work is public and requires thick skin, Pääskysaari considers communication to be its best asset:

– I can be endlessly interested in encounters, people and their stories. I like to ask and listen rather than talk about myself.

So it should come as no surprise that a new personal interview series, Studio Pääskysaari, will appear on the MTV3 channel in April.

– In every episode, I always meet one famous person, whose life is explored through stories related to photographs, Pääskysaari says.

The name of the program was debated for a long time, until the editor himself suggested that after 25 five years of work, the time might be ripe for a concept he had developed himself, bearing his own name.

Pääskysaari loves meeting people. Jussi Eskola

Discussion opener

A few years ago, Pääskysaari spoke publicly about not being able to always be on screen in full tälling.

– Basically, I was promoting the fact that a person – even a woman – should be able to choose how they want to appear on television. Pääskysaari sums up her thoughts so that it wouldn’t automatically happen that a woman is suitable for television only after she has first been built up for two hours with make-up and hair extensions to make her almost unrecognizable.

– So I am by no means against make-up. I think every person should be able to make decisions about their own body and appearance, he continues.

Bringing up the topic has given Pääskysaari the freedom to choose whether he has, for example, Should I be worried? -makeup or not in the program. Sometimes there is more lilac in the makeup, sometimes just studio powder.

Bringer of joy

The media has a hugely important task of communicating information, which in these times of pandemic and war has only become even more emphasized.

– But without a doubt, sometimes I wonder if my own work has any meaning. Surely the world would run without my programs.

– But then when I meet an older man in the store, who, with a twitch of his lower lip, thanks us that we are Should I be worried? -saved the evenings of a newly widowed person with our program and made her laugh once a week, it really warms you up.

Viewer feedback reminds us that our own work matters. Jussi Eskola

Teletext fan

Pääskysaari emphasizes that in the midst of war news, you also need moments of rest and lightness.

– I mainly make entertainment content, and I don’t underestimate their importance at all.

– For example, when I was starting to think about the contents of Posse, the working group and I painted in our minds a Friday evening, when the whole family gathers together after a hard week. What do you want to watch when you put your feet up on the sofa and take out the candies?

Pääskysaari itself sometimes gets anxious from the constant flood of information. But he has found a good tool to quickly update news gaps.

– I downloaded Text TV as an app to my phone! I can easily see the main news headlines from it.

– Constantly following everything in real time does not make me happy. I also want to believe that really meaningful things will reach me one way or another, Pääskysaari says.

Jenni Pääskysaari also calls for lightness and entertainment in the break of tough news topics. Jussi Eskola