Rob Kemps does not want to respond to the revelations about the misconduct of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Not even on the incident that took place during their joint program Chansons.


    The misconduct of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk is according to de Volkskrant not just something that happened in the past. “Research by de Volkskrant shows that last summer during the recordings of Chansons!! another incident involving Van Nieuwkerk has occurred in Paris,” said the newspaper in the much-discussed article of last Friday.

    Incident at Chansons

    What exactly happened at Chansons, the program that Matthijs makes together with Rob Kemps? “After an outburst of anger from him, an employee indicated that he felt he had been treated in a cross-border manner.”

    BNNVARA confirms in the newspaper that it is ‘familiar with one incident’ and producer Medialane, which is formally the employer of Matthijs due to a salary construction, reports ‘that this has been dealt with and that discussions have been held with those involved’.

    Under the carpet

    Medialane does not want to answer questions about the incident and its handling in de Volkskrant, because ‘we regard internal conversations with employees as confidential’. In other words: it should be covered up as soon as possible.

    Director Iris van den Ende does state: “Matthijs has great appreciation for his colleagues. Whether you are an intern or editor-in-chief; everyone sits at the table and is taken seriously by him.”

    Laughable, TV maker Harry de Winter tweets: “Medialane declares that Matthijs treats all staff in an exemplary manner! Haha, she and daddy Joop also paid a lot to have Matthijs. ;-)”

    “What did Rob do?”

    René van der Gijp wonders what Rob did with the incident during Chansons. If René had been him, he would have left immediately during the recordings, he says in De Oranjewinter.

    The football analyst: “I mean it from the bottom of my heart: if I were Rob Kemps and I was with Matthijs for Chansons in Paris and he would have an attack against someone I think of: that crosses a line, then I say : ‘Have a good time, dude. I’m going home. Thunderbeam on, make that program by yourself.’”

    Rob is silent

    Rob, who has been in the news a lot lately because it has all gone a bit high for him – presumably because of Matthijs, is silent. According to TV connoisseur Rob Goossens of RTL Boulevard, he does not want to say anything at all. “Of course we approached Rob Kemps through his management.”

    He continues: “I understand that he thinks: if I have the choice between saying something now or keeping my mouth shut… Of course he has not worked at De Wereld Draait Door himself, so he can also say: ‘I always enjoy being with him’, but that doesn’t help the world much either.”