Iltalehti’s expert incenses Lauri Lepistö. He is not yet worried about Joni Mäe and Finnish women.

    Joni Mäki was fifth in the men’s 10-kilometer free time trial on Friday, still 3.3 kilometers away.

    Then something happened. At the finish line, the World Cup and Olympic medalist in the double relay was only 38th.

    Iltalehti’s skiing expert Reijo Jylhä is still not worried about Mäki, which improves stress osteopathy of the left leg.

    – He skis at a speed that should be skied. It’s the first thing that comes to mind Mika Myllylä. He also skied hard from a young age, but came down the same way. When you start and go around the races, one day (the same pace) it will take you to the finish line.

    – It is possible to ski from the start at a pace that you should, or to ski as good a position as possible. Often, if a fast skier starts quietly, there will be no better final position.

    Joni Mäki is still recovering. PASI LEISMA

    Mäki was the winner From Iver Andersen 59.5 seconds.

    The 22-year-old Norwegian’s victory was a huge surprise. It was the second World Cup start of Andersen’s career, who celebrated the youth world championship two years ago.

    Born in 2000, Andersen belongs to Norway’s new generation. Born one year earlier Håvard Moseby was fifth on Friday.

    – This is almost only possible in Norway. The win shows what Norway’s level is like. The results were like in the Scandinavia Cup.

    The World Cup is the Norwegians’ playground, when Iivo Niskanen is still recovering from the corona virus and the Russians are banned from competition due to the war in Ukraine.

    The harsh situation was also visible on Friday. In the men’s race, there were ten Norwegians among the top twelve.

    Jylhä believes that the Norwegians will drum as superior all weekend and also next week at their home competition in Beitostölen. There is no endless fjord party.

    – In Davos in December, the list of results will certainly be more rugged.

    Close to the record

    Iver Andersen won in front of the home crowd. EPA/AOP

    Finnish skiers Jylhä urges to pay attention Lauri Lepistö.

    Last weekend, Kouvolainen skied to 18th place in the traditional ten-kilometer race in Ruka. In Lillehammer, he was close to his personal record.

    – He was about to do the World Cup skiing of his life, but fell in the last kilometer. For men, the time differences were so tight.

    Lepistö was 17th a kilometer before the finish line. The final ranking was 21st.

    Jylhä praises the development of Finnish.

    – Lepistö is not as good in free as in traditional. He has still leveled up in the last year. It was already visible in Ruka.

    Sunday will tell

    Lauri Lepistö was close to his best World Cup ranking. PASI LEISMA

    Jylhä was surprised in the women’s competition from Katharina Hennig. The German has been considered more of a traditional skier, but on Friday he was close to victory in the free race as well.

    The highest among Finnish women Kerttu Niskanen (18:s). The difference can be explained at least by a bad ski.

    – Kerttu and Krista Pärmäkoski are experienced skiers. I wouldn’t worry. When the ski doesn’t work, it makes a big difference. Sunday’s 20 kilometer race will tell you what condition they are in at the moment.

    Free sprints are skied in Lillehammer on Saturday.

    Reijo Jylhä is Iltalehti’s skiing expert. Timo Lindholm