When I started the path of Real Estate Consultant I was able to notice the lack of knowledge that exists in the field and the few tools we have to be able to train and grow, each one is forming their rules through trial and error.

    In order to gain confidence and stability in my work, I began my career as an auctioneer and public broker and there I could see that everything legal and theoretical is explained, but there is not much information about contact with the client. It is a relationship business, theory is important but relationship is essential.

    Then a new path was opened, I began to train myself in all the points that I needed as I progressed in an operation, I noticed that I had to know a little about social networks because currently many clients come through that medium, I understood that public speaking It is one of the most important work tools, we are mediators, negotiators, advisers and representatives of our clients, the art of knowing how to communicate is key to being able to provide a quality service.

    As I trained, my business began to grow and the advisers that make up my team, applying my advice and the system that I use, grow a little more every day. This opened a great door for me, that of being able to transmit everything I was learning through an online course, it is a new tool to add. Obtaining the trust of a client is not an easy task, but with perseverance and effort we can form lasting relationships.

    I put it together with dedication and a lot of love, explaining details that add a lot to the day-to-day of this beautiful career, because being a real estate consultant is very nice, but it takes a lot of work, you need to not lose focus, stay motivated and form great personal relationships.

    I dedicate a lot of time to transmitting what I was learning on social networks, recently I started writing on my personal blog to not only help real estate advisors but also those who want to make real estate investments or real estate purchases, what are the steps to follow, the procedures that must be taken into account, rights and obligations, everything necessary to avoid future inconveniences.

    Instagram: @melani.r.fernandez

    by CEDOC

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