Wietze de Jager is under fire because he has been complaining on the radio about the fact that he has to work five days a week. “Stop it completely, he’s not motivated.”

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    Wietze de Jager’s eight-minute radio complaint about his ‘heavy’ working weeks causes bad blood. After nine months of a morning show on Radio 538, he finds out that it cannot be combined with his family life. Strange, thinks colleague Klaas van der Eerden. After all, his three children did not suddenly come out of the womb last week.

    “What an amateur!”

    Radio columnist Patrick Kicken, who has worked for Radio Veronica for years, is stunned. He has been saying for years that an early morning show cannot be combined with raising young children. “You could have come up with that yourself in advance, as Klaas van der Eerden rightly points out three times,” he writes. speaking tube.

    In any case, it is scandalous that Wietze first raises this issue on the radio instead of with the station management, he thinks. “If you’re going to discuss this on-air for eight minutes on a hit list, you’re just an amateur. This has nothing to do with entertainment, this isn’t cool, this is just top-notch tinkering.”

    “Hey, l*l!”

    The listener will also be disturbed by it, Patrick suspects. “Your listener just thinks: hey l*l, I have to work eight hours a day five days a week, poser! You just came to see 538 that morning. Your mission now is to do everything you can to win souls, not to sit down and act pathetic!”

    Maybe Wietze should just get out, he says. “Then just stop doing it completely, go back to doing something on the weekend and Friday evening and leave the morning to someone who is 200 percent motivated.”

    How does Talpa react?

    Private boss Evert Sankrediets, who works as a Shownieuws expert at Talpa’s TV branch, thinks they are quite pissed off at Talpa Radio. “You are the king of radio at that time and then after nine months you say, ‘I want to spend more time with my family.’ Well, I think Talpa will go crazy when they hear that.”

    It may not be the right choice for the morning of 538, Evert continues in his podcast Strictly Private. “Edwin Evers had no family and lived for that radio. I always had that a little less with Wietze, because it wasn’t all that surprising. If you are going to throw in the towel now, then I think: what a wrong choice that was.”


    Who would be a good successor to Wietze? “Is there someone who can make a nice morning show, young, fresh and with a new sound, commenting on the news of the day? Go and look in the cabaret corner or something.”