TOeccentric clothing, tending to the boorish, total absence of good manners and a marked aptitude for latch and fool. It is the mask with which Pio and Amedeo go on stage ad Emigratis – The showdownon the air from tonight for four episodes, at 21.45 on Channel 5.

    Pio and Amedeo, protagonists of “Emigratis – The showdown”, on Canale 5. (Courtesy press office Mediaset)

    Emigratis – The showdownthe new episodes

    As has already happened in the past, the new season of the program will also be set in different countries. Week after week, Pio and Amedeo will travel to France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and Dubai. In particular, the main cities include: Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris.

    The novelty this year concerns the characters that Pio and Amedeo will give life to. It is about Bufalone and Mexicancommitted to inventing one eco-sustainable solution to save the world from climate disaster and stem the expensive bills. This will therefore be the common thread running through the four appointments. Obviously everything always on register of irony and incorrectness.

    Jokes without lightness, merged with looks far from those seen at the just ended Fashion Week. 1980s clogs, unlikely costumes, feathers, sequined jackets, fanny packs with the name of the brand in plain sight, but also stilettos and fluorescent suits. It is a taste of what will happen and that clearly delineates the characters played by the Apulian comedians.

    Pio D’Antini and Amedeo Grieco, at the photocall of the film “Belli Ciao”. (GettyImages)

    The success of Emigratis and the return after Happy evening

    In fact, since the first edition of Emigratis, Pio and Amedeo, aka Pio D’Antini and Amedeo Grieco, stood out for their style tranchant and without any post. A dress that they wore not only in the format broadcast until 2018 on Italia 1, but also in Happy eveningthe show in three episodes, aired last spring on Canale 5.

    In that case, a not simple variety, which has attracted multiple criticismsin particular on social networks, for the language used. Criticisms that have also been addressed in the past. At the same time, it must be said, a well built variety, rewarded by the ratings. The average of the three episodes, in fact, settled at 4,138,000 viewers, equal to 21.24% share.

    Now with Emigratis – The showdown they prepare to prove themselves even more incorrect than they did with Happy evening. They return to their origins, to the format that made them famous and consecrated. It was 2016 and the couple made their debut as Italian emigrants, who with their vices and virtues embodied all the stereotypes concerning the beautiful country. A success that they hope to replicate with the passage to the first Mediaset network.

    The guests of the first episode

    To give life to your project, or the solution to the climate crisis, Pio and Amedeo will go on the trail of dozens of victimsthat is to say personalities from the world of entertainment, sport and fashion and not only. Among guests of the first episodethe two-time winner of the Sanremo Festival Mahmood, the journalist and science popularizer Paola Catapanothe stylist Elisabetta Franchi and l’Étoile Roberto Bolle.

    Yet, Flavio Briatorethe mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, Ronaldinho, Sebastian Frey, Marco Verratti, Neymar and Ander Herrera. Based on the clues published on Instagramthen, it should also appear Katherine Kelly Langfamous interpreter of Brooke Logan in the soap opera Beautiful. With both of them, the actress will exchange a tender kiss on her lips. Furthermore, ex boxer Mike Tyson, present in all four episodes.

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    Always on Instagram, D’Antini and Grieco posted a 4 minute clipsummary of the new season of the program, in which it is possible to recognize some of the next guests. There is Elisabetta Canalis, while engaging in “My Foggia”, a parody of the spot “My Liguria”, which raised several controversies close to the last Sanremo Festival. The tennis champion can also be seen in the video Matteo Berrettinithe football coach Antonio Conte, Fausto Leali, Nusret Gökçe, the “salt chef” known as Salt Bae, Sfera Ebbasta and Gianluca Vacchi.