Putin defended the actions of the Central Bank with the phrase “We can be like in Turkey” – RBK

Vladimir Putin

(Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia)

Discontent with the decision of the Bank of Russia to raise the key rate is understandable, however, abandoning such a policy could lead to a repetition of the Turkish scenario, where the rate cut was followed by a collapse of the national currency. This was stated at the traditional big press conference by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Broadcast leads RBC.

“Of course, you can scold the Central Bank … I know the dissatisfaction of the real sector [экономики] from raising rates, but if this is not done, then we can be like in Turkey, ”Putin said.

The President emphasized that the Central Bank in Russia is pursuing an independent policy.

“You may find this strange … I do not interfere with the work of the Central Bank. But I assess it positively, ”the head of state said.

Central Bank raised the rate to the maximum since 2017

Photo: Andrey Lyubimov / RBC


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