Provincial council unanimously approves advice in nitrogen dossier

    It is not surprising that the entire nitrogen dossier is sensitive in an agricultural province such as West Flanders. One third of Flemish agriculture is West Flemish. With many chicken, pig and cattle farmers. Less nitrogen means fewer animals and therefore consequences in the agricultural industry. In the motion, the council asks that everyone plays their part. Deputy of Agriculture Bart Naeyaert: “We believe that all sectors should take their responsibility. In addition to agriculture, industry and transport are also included. Nitrogen is deposited in nature, the origin does not matter. Everyone must take responsibility.”

    The province also asks for appropriate financial support, for example for farmers who see their pig herd reduced by 30%. And correct measuring instruments. “You have to be able to measure that correctly. It is also important that companies still have room for development, taking into account the reduction of nitrogen. Because if you have to take into account the energy issue, the climate issue, animal welfare, etc., then you must also be able to do that. .”

    In our provincial magazine Boeverbos we will go into this in more detail tonight, after the news.