PROMO FIGHTERS SUPER TIP. Hunkemöller organizes lingerie outlet: “47 (!) pieces for 123 euros” | promo hunters

Administrator Gunther Devisch makes it his weekly super tip for HLN readers. “Hunkemöller organizes outlets at various locations in our country a few times a year,” he says. “You can buy bras, panties, nightwear, swimwear, sports and accessories for prices from 1 euro.”

If you are interested, you can come down to Antwerp Expo today Saturday. The doors are open from 9.30 am to 5 pm. A ticket costs 1.75 euros. You have to book a time slot online.

Some members of Promojagers Belgium have already visited. “I’ve made some great bargains,” says Soraya. “I only paid 26 euros for 13 pieces. There was a bathing suit for 1 euro that normally cost 60 euros.”

Aleksandra even managed to win 47 (!) pieces for only 123 euros. her mail the Facebook group of Promojagers Belgium has already received hundreds of reactions.

To enter the outlet you must have a Covid Safe Ticket (CST). You can only move in groups of a maximum of two people and must wear a mouth mask (from 6 years). It is also asked to respect the social distance of one and a half meters. Exchange or return is not possible.


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