11/22/2022 at 3:19 p.m.


    The regional president has advanced to the media some proposals that the Ministry of Health will present this afternoon to doctors and pediatricians

    The strike of doctors and pediatricians Primary Care that began on Monday in Madrid could finish this afternoon if the Ministry of Health and the Amyts union reached an agreement at the meeting they have called. But the spirits They don’t seem entirely convinced in the medical union, which through its general secretary, Ángela Hernández, has challenged the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to personally attend the meeting if she is as concerned about the health of citizens as these have pointed out two days.

    The statements by the person in charge of Amyts have come after Ayuso made a series of announcements about what the team of the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, will put on the negotiation table this afternoon. In fact, Hernández has also invited Escudero and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Javier Fernández Lasquetty, to attend this meeting “if you are so concerned and care so much about Attention and health in Madrid”.

    Lasquetty’s reference is not accidental, since it is his department that can open the door to a further increase in health budget in the Community and more precisely now that the budgets for 2023 begin to be processed in the Madrid Assembly, where they will be discussed starting next Thursday, December 1 after the negotiation with Vox these days. Fuentes de Sol, point out, in any case, that the proposals that are currently being considered by the Government of the Community have been calculated “with the current budget”, that is, without any increase.

    The president of the Community yesterday asked the doctors to stop the strike due to the risk that the epidemic of bronchiolitis, which affects the youngest children, and other infections of the airways will spread and collapse hospitals. This Tuesday, in an act in Getafe, Ayuso has advanced to the media before Amyts three of the proposals that will be brought to the negotiating table.

    The first is that the Community will implement “a system that avoids excess appointments in Primary Care“, precisely in response to the request of the doctors to be able to dedicate at least ten minutes to each of their patients. The idea is that the new system serves to streamline dating“so that they do not have long working hours and that all overtime is duly and promptly paid.”

    The other measure advanced by Ayuso is that they will work on a “plan to settle the next residents (MIR) who in May, after training by the Community of Madrid, have to opt for new places”, so that they have “an incentive” that is attractive enough to stay in the region. In addition, the president has pointed out that they will continue to “increase all the measures to help end job insecuritysuch as concatenation of temporary contract“.

    After finishing the announcements, Ayuso has once again asked the doctors “to continue in their posts because they are needed and they are all needed now that these peaks of emergencies are coming. We consider that this strike is not a good time for anyone and I want to also assure them that it is not necessary to be on strike to be negotiating. In fact, we were already dealing with a Primary Care plan endowed with 200 million euros that has to continue advancing”.