Police think to save baby from car, turns out to be doll | Abroad

British Amy McQuillen went shopping with her daughter on Thursday evening. When she returned to her car after fifteen minutes, she saw a large group of people, two uniformed officers and a shattered car window. Officers informed Amy that they were investigating child neglect. Bystanders would have seen a baby move in the car, but later saw that the child was no longer breathing. Police rushed in without hesitation and smashed the window to save the baby, The Sun reports.

“Then they said there was a newborn baby left in the car, so I said, ‘It’s a doll!’ I could not believe it. I know the dolls are realistic but I never thought something like this would ever happen.” Amy’s daughter turned out to have put her doll in the car seat, with the belt on.

Fortunately, the incident ended with a sizzle. However, it was quite a shock for Amy and her daughter. “I understand that if they get a call like this, the police have to act – as a mother I would be angry if they didn’t. But it was humiliating for me in front of a lot of people, and I’m left with a broken window and an upset little girl,” McQuillen told The Sun.


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