So he came in third. De Jonge actually does not know who has become world champion. “A Mexican, but I don’t know his name. I was last in the category and therefore didn’t see the match. I chose to isolate myself in the dressing room and do the warm-up. It’s very stressful , so it was nice not to see the others.”

    De Jonge does pole dancing alongside his ‘normal’ work. “I used to train more than now. There have been times when I trained every day, when I was at my peak. But now I have my own company and also a daughter, so I can train less than I would like. Of course my shirt went off on stage, I wanted to be well trained for that, so I did personal training had.”

    When asked what goals he still has, he says he has enough goals, but not in pole dancing. The career of 39-year-old De Jonge is slowly coming to an end. “Of course I am also getting older one day and notice that I am becoming a bit more susceptible to injury. The aches and pains come naturally and pole dancing is of course very hard work. It is difficult to combine everything like this,” he concludes.