Pink Floyd: “The Dark Side of the Moon – 50th Anniversary Deluxe Boxset” (Review & Stream)

The record is awesome, they say, but the price isn’t, they say that too. The anger on the net is huge: around 250 euros for two CDs, two LPs, two Blu-rays, a DVD, two vinyl singles and two books (designed by Hipgnosis co-founder Aubrey Powell, after all). The music? With Atmos sound and also as a high-resolution remaster, however: no early mixes of the classics, and the only new vinyl content is a concert from London from 1974, which has been available digitally for twelve years. “Dark Side of the Money!” cursed one, or: “Judging by the price, side B doesn’t start anymore, but side A starts with the song ‘Money’!”

“The Dark Side of the Moon” is like a gateway to the music of this great band

The allegations are not entirely unfounded. Unlike the 2011 Immersion CD Collection, there are no 1970s touring films or alternate versions of the album tracks. If you want to hear it, you can still buy it now… on iTunes. Strictly speaking, offering “Dark Side” in three audio formats on three discs in one box is redundant: Whoever listens to Atmos doesn’t need the normal CD, and whoever prefers the surround mix won’t put Atmos in. This anniversary reissue therefore only combines ten songs, but in different sound versions, even the 1974 live record does not offer any additional pieces. So 250 euros – for an album.

But the big but is: “The Dark Side of the Moon” is like a gateway to the music of this great band. And aside from The Wall, Dark Side is the most accessible Pink Floyd work to have featured Roger Waters. “Dark Side” turns you into a fan. That might not answer the question of whether Pink Floyd re-releases are cash grabs – even last year’s long-awaited “Animals” re-issue presented no bonus content, just five songs in different versions playout formats. But why shouldn’t this “Dark Side” set draw the attention of the new generation to the milestone? It has to start with some box. And this is their best album (Barrett fanatics won’t agree).

“The Dark Side Of The Moon” is one of the most listened-to LPs in its entirety. For many listeners, the record seems to offer a better world somewhere out there in space. Thoughts that could still be reconciled with the actual song themes – exhausting world tours, the consequences of hard drug use. The brilliant simplicity of Pink Floyd’s lyrics is evident in “Us and them”: “With / without /And who’ll deny / it’s what the fighting’s all about” – Roger Waters’ father died in World War II. This work connects worlds. And when the price reduction that is often common in retail comes, maybe in a few weeks, this set will no longer only have the second highest, but the highest rating.


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