THEhe world of fashion says goodbye to Paco Rabanne. In fact, the confirmation of the death of the Spanish designer a 88 years oldat his home in Portsall, France. The news was made official by the Spanish group Puig, which today controls the maison and its famous perfumes. The designer had retired from the scene in 1999, after having written important chapters in the history of fashion, from the Space Age style to the working of metal mesh.

    From Spain to the whole world

    Born Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo, the future Spanish designer was born on February 19, 1934 in the Spanish Basque Country. Although his father was an officer, it was his mother, who worked as a seamstress for Cristóbal Balenciaga, who gave him the passion for fashion and creativity in general. Moving to France following the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (in which his father lost his life), Paco Rabanne studied architecture at the National School of Fine Arts. fashion, starting to collaborate with various brands for the creation of jewelry and accessories, up to 1966the year of the foundation of his homonymous maison.

    Paco Rabanne’s legacy

    «The metallurgist of fashion», as Coco Chanel defined it. «A monk of fashion», as he liked to call himself. The inspiration is clear from his first collection futuristic of his creations, a passion and an impulse towards the modernism of Space Age, towards a not too distant future made of sculptural dresses, shiny elements, metallic textures. Paco Rabanne stands out immediately for i materials which he chooses to use, from metal to plastic to PVC, up to paper. Establish a prolific partnership with the world of cinema – his costumes for the film remain famous Barbarella – and in fashion shows he is the first to understand the importance of music, of a soundtrack capable of telling a story, as much as clothes.

    The designer decides to gradually retire from the scene starting from 1999. Today is Julien Dossena, current creative director, to hand down the aesthetics of a maison that is always one step ahead. A great deal of the brand’s fame, even among fashion laymen, is due to perfumestrue objects of desire (and protagonists of often avant-garde advertising campaigns) which year after year continue to conquer millions of women and men.

    The fashion system says goodbye to one of the most original and unique names in its history.