Pa, agreement reached for ministries contract: increase of 117 euros gross

An agreement was reached for the renewal of the contract for the workers of the central functions of public administrations concerning ministries, tax agencies and non-economic public bodies such as INPS. The pre-agreement, which concerns the three-year period 2019-21 and which also requires the go-ahead of the assemblies, was signed by Aran and by the public employment unions of CGIL, CISL and UIL. The season of contract renewals in the public sector thus reaches its first operational milestone, with the “compartment” of the central PA which, as always, will also pave the way for health care, local authorities and schools.

Increase of 117 euros gross

The average salary increase for the renewal of the contract of the ministries is equal to 117 euros gross for the band of administrative assistants (formerly area B3). Union sources make it known, explaining that starting from January it is a net increase of 90 euros per month.

In the payrolls of 2022 arrive 10 billion in arrears

Alongside the increases, of 3.78% with peaks of 4.15% for the lower salary brackets due to an accounting effect due to the consolidation of the “equalization element” that has hitherto underpinned their salaries, in the paychecks of public employees just under 10 billion arrears will arrive in the first months of next year (see also Il Sole 24 Ore of 19 December). More or less simultaneously with the elections of the RSU scheduled for April 5 to 7.

Pa, Brunetta: “milestone reached on state contracts, is forerunner”

“It’s done. Today’s signature at Aran of the pre-agreement on the renewal of the national collective agreement for the central functions sector 2019-2021 makes me happy and proud. We respect the commitment I made on 10 March by signing the Pact for the innovation of public work and social cohesion with the trade unions ». Thus the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta, commented on the signature. «With the contract, the lifeblood of change, we restore centrality and dignity to the human capital that drives the country’s administrative machinery and that was the undisputed protagonist of the Italian estate in the face of the tragedy of the pandemic. Today’s signature, a forerunner for the other sectors, starting with health care and local authorities, is the conclusion of a process of negotiations based on mutual trust, responsibility and participation “, concluded Brunetta.


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