Ozzy Osbourbe is trying to recover for his tour.

    Ozzy Osbourne and daughter Kelly arrived together at the Grammy Gala in January 2020. aop

    Metal music legend Ozzy Osbourne, 73, talks about his health concerns in a recent interview. Osbourne, who has gone through several health problems, has been seen as fragile in recent paparazzi pictures.

    Osbourne has said Classic Rock in an interview with the magazine that they are going to have surgery because of neck pain. A man known for his Black Sabbath and solo career, he has been in a similar operation before.

    Osbourne has previously reported that the first surgery did not produce the desired result. Now even walking is difficult, but you can do it with the help of a stick.

    – I’m waiting for another operation. I can’t walk properly these days. I do physiotherapy every morning. I’m in a little better shape, but I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be to get on tour, he says.

    Osbourne was seen leaving the recording studio in California in May 2022. Stella Pictures

    Osbourne last performed in front of an audience in December 2018. Almost since then, his gigs have been postponed due to either illness or a coronary pandemic. The world tour called No More Tours II is scheduled to start in Helsinki next May.

    A Classic Rock reporter asks if Osbourne ever thought about his mortality.

    – I’ve been fine since I was 73 years old. I don’t plan on going anywhere, but my time is yet to come, he replies.

    Osbourne has suffered from occasional back and neck ailments since he crashed in his backyard while driving an ATV in 2003. The aftermath of the accident was documented in the reality TV series The Osbournes at the time. Osbourne fractured his clavicle, eight ribs and one vertebra.

    Accidents in recent years have made life difficult for Osbourne. aop

    In January 2019, Osbourne collapsed at his home, when the metal parts placed on his body after the ATV accident went out of place. He underwent surgery, but the operation failed. Osbourne sought medical attention again.

    – When I visited him, he said, “The first guy didn’t make a very good impression,” Osbourne said. SiriusXMin an interview with the radio station in October 2021.

    – He says he’s doing this and this to my neck. I don’t expect too much. What if it gets worse? The first doctor said that if I don’t go for surgery, I might be lame for the rest of my life.

    Osbourne admitted that the new cut will excite him.

    – Even the best experts make mistakes. I’m a little wary of the first surgery. I hope and pray that I can even perform, he said.

    Ozzy Osbourne, wife Sharon and daughter Kelly were seen together on the red carpet in February 2020.