Evert Sanwaarden reveals that someone also wanted to add his weekly magazine Privé, just like Talitha Muusse did with Yvonne Coldeweijer. “Yes, you do get tested every now and then.”

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    Talitha Muusse has recorded a video in which she pretends to snort cocaine to end up on Yvonne Coldeweijer’s juice channel and then shouts that she is not a good juice journalist. According to Thomas Bruning of the journalists’ union NVJ not very collegial to ‘actively mislead a colleague’.

    Domestic violence

    Private editor-in-chief Evert Sankrediets is also sometimes put to the test, he reveals in Shownieuws. “I recently reported a form of domestic violence to a – I may say – very well-known Dutch couple. That was also completely fake, but really with a perfect official report. She had filed a complaint against him.”

    Who was it about? “I won’t name the names, because it just doesn’t turn out to be true, but the whole logo of the police, with that sandwich on fire, was neatly above it. A file number was also faked. The names were right, the addresses were right.”

    put to the test

    Tooske Ragas shocked: “So this is happening to you too?”

    Evert: “Yes, you are sometimes put to the test and then it turns out that you have to check things hard every now and then, including with the police. Apparently there are people who also test us and want to show how easily we would just randomly accuse people of domestic violence. So we don’t do that.”

    ‘Always stay alert’

    A tip from Evert to the juice channels? “Always stay alert.”

    A bit what Evert himself was not when he put a fake Amalia on the cover two months ago.