Önder Karaveli spoke before Beşiktaş Göztepe match! – Breaking Beşiktaş news

Beşiktaş will face Göztepe in the 18th week of the Super League.

Before the fight, Beşiktaş Technical Manager Önder Karaveli made a statement.

Here are the highlights of Karaveli’s statements;

“We want a Beşiktaş that everyone expects and desires and plays the game correctly and well. We want people to watch a game that they enjoy.

The actors help me a lot. I think we have good communication with them. My job was a little easier because I was the coach of the U19 team, we were with them, we had dialogues. It was my teacher Sergen who gave me this task. These dialogues have evolved.

The good game in the Fenerbahce match, the victory in the previous match ensure that the motivation of the players is high.”



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