Nielson sees horror flings pop up in Carré: ‘Really so nervous’

Very uncomfortable for Nielson: the singer gave a performance in theater Carré last night and unexpectedly his horror fling Rachela was also in the audience. “So nervous!”


Nielson (33) has had an extremely bitter Christmas and New Year celebrations. The married singer was in the news in mid-December because one of his most loyal fans, 22-year-old Rachela, betrayed him in a painful way. She appears to have been invited to his hotel room at night and she apparently wanted to share that with other fans.

Leaky shell

Rachela, unbeknownst to him, threw photos of a sleeping Nielson on social media. The fact that the singer has a woman sitting on the couch at home ensured that Yvonne Coldeweijer paid attention to it on her juice channel. The consequence? A marriage crisis.

It is of course dubious that Nielson is apparently cheating with young fans, but as a leaky fling, Rachela has also received a lot of criticism. For example, Daphne Bunskoek thinks that girl has gone too far. And Nelson? No doubt he wants nothing more to do with her.

Rachela shows up

Unfortunately for Nielson, you can’t ban a leaking scurry. This Rachela appeared yesterday cheerfully in the audience of his concert in the Amsterdam Carré and reports extensively on it Instagram.

Rachela: “Honestly: I’ve never been so nervous about going to a show, but I’m so glad I said to myself: big finger to what those people think, just go and enjoy. And oh how I enjoyed it.”

Fan of song

Where Nielson can now throw her in the ditch, love is still present the other way around. Rachela loves the singer’s new song. “We loved the new song. Yes, it was beautiful again. ?”

Nielson shares numerous compliments on his own Instagram that he has received from fans in attendance, but the stories of Rachela are not among them. Not a huge surprise of course.

‘We keep it Private’

Since the leak of his intimate relationship with fans, Nielson has been very sparing with media appearances. He recently joined Time for MAX by the harmless Sybrand Niessen and Martine van Os. A very conscious choice of course: those two don’t even know how to juice spells.

Nielson himself has always stuck to his original statement: “Following reports in various media, we want to let you know that we are working together to solve problems in our marriage. This part of our lives is private and we keep it between us. Hanna and I hope for your respect for this.”