The singer Evelina cut her hair bald – here’s the reason

Evelina recently cut off her hair completely.

Evelina enjoyed long hair for a long time. Mikko Huisko

Vocalist Evelina recently attracted attention on social media by cutting his hair bald. Now he says on Instagram that he has received a lot of inquiries about the matter and reveals why he ended up with such a radical solution.

– Among other things, precisely because I can more easily wear wigs this way. It’s a really different feeling to throw a piece of hair on your head and be ready to put your own Fleda under it, insert a tight wig sock, use glues and gels and flatten everything along the head, when later I usually have to pay a high price for the tost combo with a migraine, writes Evelina.

She says that she likes to choose a hairstyle that matches her outfit from the selection of wigs instead of constantly changing her hairstyle.

– The fact that I can choose hair that suits the outfit according to my mood is wonderful, says Evelina.

A new hairstyle has made the artist look at something new

– I’ve learned to see my hair more as an accessory – when it’s terribly missing, it forces me to look at my relationship with my body, for better or for worse.

Evelina is satisfied with the after effects caused by the haircut. In his update, he encourages others to take bold steps in the hairdresser’s bench.

– I feel a little freer, and it feels good. Whether you like artificial hair or not, if you’ve ever wanted to pull the plug and perhaps waited a bit for the signal to shave your hair, this is it!