Fiorello and Viva Rai 2!…Viva Sanremo: guests second episode

Stwe will go 2023 is about to approach the halfway point and will be remembered as one of the Festivals with the most singers competing ever, but also the one in which the partnership between Amadeus and Fiorello gave birth to a extraordinary experiment. And with extraordinary results. After the debut, Long live Rai 2!…Long live Sanremo continues into the night of Rai 1.

Fiorello starts again from “chocolate” Amadeus

For the second episode, he always wears a tuxedo, but this time he opts for a red jacket covered in sequins. The staircase goes down again, the dancers perform the choreography on the notes of the theme song performed by the Ariston orchestra. He takes the line at 1.40, not without first scolding his friend Amadeus. “It’s cold”, he underlines, recalling that in Rome the temperature is 1 degree and that he is on air at the time he usually wakes up. Jokes about dark circles, a short introductory video on accumulated tiredness and we get to the heart of the programme.

The interview with «our little chocolate», i.e. the conductor and artistic director, ends immediately due to problems with the audio. Not bad, because the unexpected gives him the trigger to bring back to mind the viewers Blanco’s exploit on the Ariston stage during prime time. “There’s no audio. Unfortunately I can’t kick anything.”he ironizes.

There evening of Wednesday 8 February closed with the monologue of Angelo Duro. An irreverent intervention, destined to cause discussion. He asks Amadeus for an opinion, who replies: “I think my career could end here.” Fiorello reassures him: «No, you did worse. The board, trust me”.

«Amadeus does not invite, he stalks! It was a month at the Quirinale»

Long live Rai 2!…Long live Sanremo it is a summary of all that is the Sanremo world in the most chaotic television week of the year. AND Fiorello rides current events, bringing to the public’s attention everything that revolves around the immense production machine. One of the many news concerns the reaction of Board of Directors of RAI upon the announcement of the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

The operation was conducted in the strictest secrecy and no one from Rai, apart from Amadeus, had been informed of it. The reason was explained at the press conference by the landlord: it was one specific request from the Quirinale. Could Fiorello ever have ignored it all? Of course not!

«Amadeus does not invite, he stalks. He spent a month at the Quirinale, but in the end he made it!”, plays down. Then he mentions Fedez’s attack on Deputy Minister Bignami. «In short, messes. Fedez has assumed his responsibilities because Amadeus can’t stand it anymore. You have to defend yourself from everyone» he jokes.

Fiorello in 2020 at the seventieth edition of the Sanremo Festival. (Handle)

Alessia Marcuzzi pays homage to Elodie, Valeria Marini calls live

Despite the seriousness of the topics covered, the approach is always the same: a lot of irony and the ability to give lightness. So here we go to pure entertainment. Valeria Marini tries again: call live and send stellar kisses to everyone. A nonsense intervention, but which fits perfectly into the global framework and gives rhythm.

Alessia Marcuzzi is also back, presented with an ad hoc theme song, as she walks the red carpet in a glitter-covered onesie and a black swan-style feather skirt. «The boomerissima, the very good showgirl, is here with us. She is very lively, very effervescent and dancing. The most beautiful, she who shines. She is the most star, just her ».

The party goes on and we go back to talking about Blanco. Since artists are not always able to manage anger – «we have tantrums», says Fiorello – Long live Rai 2!…Long live Sanremo he decided to transform the Glass into a rage room, a room of anger. Aimed at “all the artists who wanted to let off steam and say insults”. To sponsor it all, a new stroke of genius: Alessandro Greco, for years also the face of teleshopping.

Long live Rai 2!…Long live Sanremoa pre-ordered chaos with attention to the smallest details

They follow guests connected from Sanremo. This time I am singing from the bed of the hotel room Elodie and the Country Cousins. The latter struggling with a Lullaby designed for the occasion. Still, Gianni Morandi improvises a remote duet with Ruggero, one of the faces of the program, and Rosa Chemical sings his song Made in Italyquoting Amedeo Minghiwho sends a message as the credits roll.

Long live Rai 2!…Long live Sanremo a great party is confirmed. Every detail is taken care of down to the smallest detailbut Fiorello manages to make the program an improvisation exercise in which the ball bounces from one topic to another, from one character to another. Always tirelessly. A preordained chaos in which everyone feels involved. Also viewerswhich despite the late hour and the long marathon that preceded it, remain glued to the TV.

In fact, 2,500,000 tuned in during the first episode, with a share of 60.3%. Important numbers, which perhaps only Ciuri he could have scored. “I didn’t think there were people willing to watch TV after the Sanremo Festival,” she admits. «We have to thank you because you keep us company and we thought we were alone». It’s not the DopoFestival, Amadeus specified in recent days, but it is Fiorello’s format. And he’s right, because it’s even better. Chapeau.