Antonella Alcoba, how were the beginnings of the company?

    Buena Comunicación was born a few days before the pandemic in 2020. I founded this brand, which has more than 300 trained business owners and entrepreneurs, when I was just 24 years old.

    After becoming unemployed and deciding to move from Córdoba to Villa la Angostura, I began to design what is currently my personal brand as a Digital Business Mentor and Coach, where I accompany aid professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to have profitable businesses from a sustainable perspective. worked.

    What is your academic background?

    My first career was Journalism, from there I began to discover all the power of communication and how to provide support from a more comprehensive perspective. I am finishing my degree in Communication Sciences, I have recently been certified as a Coach and I am an Instructor in Mindfulness and Personal Transformation.

    What services do you provide as a professional?

    A great challenge for those of us who are independent is to form businesses that give us the quality of life we ​​desire without sacrificing ourselves along the way. That is why my approach and services are linked to caring for and accompanying those who sustain and promote through their services, accompaniments, programs or consultancies.

    From Buena Comunicación, I offer mentoring, advice and training groups for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to work on their digital communication in the different channels and social networks, their sales strategy and how to scale their business in the short and long term.

    In recent years, we have been able to observe the progress of digital transformation and how this has changed aspects of our life and development, opportunities and forms of business that were previously unthinkable.

    The new digital era, in which we are already immersed, transformed the way of consuming, the behavior of users and marketing as we knew it. That is why having a communication and sales strategy is not just creating a profile on Instagram and hoping that the audience you want to reach will like it.

    Many professionals and self-sufficient entrepreneurs try to grow and do everything on their own to “save money”, but I will give you a piece of advice that I wish I had when I started: Trying to do everything on your own is the reason why your growth stalls.

    The first step I recommend, and I read a while ago, is to “let go of the business of the past so you’re not the next Kodak or BlackBerry.” And the second is a phrase that I mention a lot in my training sessions “Don’t think of yourself as self-employed, start thinking of yourself as a CEO”.

    Contact information:

    Instagram: good communication. aa

    YouTube: Good Communication


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