Dra, what is your academic training and in which institution do you currently work?

    I am a doctor graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, I completed my postgraduate studies in 2015, doing the Endocrinology residency at the Ramos Mejía Hospital in the City of Buenos Aires. Since then, I have carried out office activities at the Santa Rosa Sanatorium in the town of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. In turn, I work as a sub-investigator at Dr. Novaretto’s research center at that institution.

    What projects are you dabbling in?

    In recent years I have deepened my educational tasks and work on the treatment of Diabetes in all its types (Diabetes type 1, type 2, gestational, etc).

    In the year 2020, from the beginning of the pandemic, I began to develop my communication project on social networks about Diabetes and Technology. This is how my page came about: “Diabetes and Technology”, from where I try to provide clear and useful information for those people who live with Diabetes, family, friends and for the general population that wants to know about this condition and the therapeutic options that we have in the present. Parallel to this communication project, I started my online office, with excellent results. Virtuality allowed me to stay connected to my patients during periods of preventive isolation and to get closer to many more people from different parts of Argentina and neighboring countries that require my specialist services.

    What importance do you give to technological development?

    Technology has made very important leaps in medicine, and the treatment of Diabetes has not been left out of this development. There are numerous technological tools that, applied correctly, can facilitate the day-to-day life of people with Diabetes and help achieve treatment and control goals.

    On the Instagram page @diabetesytecnología you can find reviews of technological innovations applied to Diabetes, tutorial videos, recorded talks from live events with health professionals who have shared their knowledge with me about nutrition, obesity, cardiovascular impact, among others. I have also recently inaugurated a special section called “Diabetes in the first person”, in which I have interviewed people with Diabetes who tell us about their experiences with the aim of sharing and visualizing the reality and daily life of those who live with this condition.

    What is your goal for the coming years?

    Although the vast majority of people know or have heard about Diabetes, there is still a long way to go to achieve proper education on the subject. We have to stay updated on therapeutic strategies and make this condition visible without prejudice, without stigma and with a healthy accompaniment from the whole society for those who suffer from it.

    Contact information:

    Instagram and Facebook: @diabetesytecnologia

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Phone: 2954-311912

    MN: 137194

    MP: 2409

    ME: 1438

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