08/06/2022 at 14:06


    The singer calls the incident “disgusting” and asks his followers for help

    Dani Martín has suffered a setback: on Thursday he was the victim of a Stole in which they snatched his purse. but it’s not bleak for the loss of documents or of money that he was carrying, but because in it he kept a object of great sentimental value. This Saturday he explained through the stories of his Instagram account what happened. But not only that: she has begged the thief or whoever finds the wallet that returns a Photography very important to him.

    The singer had from his wallet the identification documentthe cards driving license and the one of the social Securityand the Credit cards. “They really aren’t worth anything, I canceled them and they couldn’t make any kind of payment,” she detailed. But that is not what he regrets most. “What hurts me the most is that I was wearing a precious photo from my sister“, he explained. “I think it’s a bitch”, he has visibly lamented about the robbery affected.

    “I find it disgusting”

    For this reason, he has made a call to his more than a million followers: “If someone occurs to return it to me, I would ask him to think about it. He does not want that at all and I do, it has a lot of value for me,” he has asked. Martín has not specified where or how the theft occurred, but he has pointed out: “If you want to keep your DNI, because you are excited, let him do it. But come on, it seems disgusting to me.”

    The artist’s sister Miriam Martindied suddenly in 2009 due to a cerebral stroke. He was 35 years old and whoever was the leader of The crazy’s song He has never hidden that it was a great blow for both him and his family.