News anchor Tommy Fränti reported a fake profile using his photos – Facebook sent a blunt response

News anchor Tommy Fränti tells about it on Twitter.

A fake profile has been made with Tommy Fränt’s photos. Jussi Nahkuri

Yle news anchor Tommy Fränti says that the familiar problem of social media has hit the spot: a fake profile has been created on Facebook with his picture. The user’s name is Thomas Mark, but the photos are of a well-known TV face.

– Well, if this guy asks to be a friend on FB, it’s not me, even though he seems to use my pictures quite smoothly, Fränti says on Twitter with a screenshot.

Fränti has naturally reported the user account to Facebook. He has also received a response from Facebook, which has not helped him.

– Thank you for telling us about something that you think is against our community standards. Reports like yours contribute to making Facebook a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. We checked the profile you reported and determined that it does not violate our community standards, is the answer from somjätti.

– Facebook knows better, Fränti writes in a sarcastic tone.

Fränt’s Twitter post has sparked a lot of discussion. The most observant have noticed that the fake profile link has a woman’s name on it.

Over the years, many Finnish public figures have told about fake profiles created with their names and pictures. An actor who was also known from Putous last summer Antti Tuomas Heikkinen told how a fake profile had been made in his name.

Heikkinen asked his followers to report to the profile, which produced the desired result. Fake profile disappeared.

Crude scams have also been perpetrated in the name of Finnish celebrities.

In the past, scam messages were sent in the name of singer Samu Haber, among other things. The singer told in 2021 how his representatives had received e-mails from people telling about Meet for sale for 40,000 euros & greet events. In those events, you would have been able to meet Haber by paying the sum.

Haber said that some had also failed to pay the amount.

The actress Ilona Chevakova also got in trouble with the ruthless scammer.

– I received messages from numerous people that another account has been created for you, and it is probably a fake account. Many reported that they have received a follow request from such an account. It’s quite scary that the account has all the pictures and everything about me, the actor told Iltalehte at the time.

Soon it also became clear to the actor that the founder of the spoof account had very bad intentions.

– Scam messages are sent through the account, in which people try to get money. I hope everyone realizes that it’s not me, Chevakova emphasized.