Sam Hagens gets a 4 from Angela de Jong: ‘Unsuitable for VI’

Sam Hagens has an unexpected raid at Today Inside: he sat in Wilfred Genee’s place last night. What grade does he get from Angela de Jong? A 4… Painful.

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If anyone is overflowing with ambition at SBS 6, it is Sam Hagens. He became known as a political reporter for Hart van Nederland, but he really wanted to become a TV presenter. He succeeded: he can currently be seen as a presenter of HLF8. And yesterday he was even allowed to present the viewing figure hit Today Inside.

Wilfred absent

Sam sat in Wilfred Genee’s chair because he was unexpectedly unable to get to work. “His son had an accident on the football field so he couldn’t be there at the last minute. But you’re going to guide me through it, aren’t you?”, he asked regulars Johan Derksen and René van der Gijp.

The hour VI without Wilfred made it clear that this program cannot be presented by just anyone. The familiar feeling and the rhythm was completely gone.

A 4 from Angela

Angela de Jong has also looked and is not enthusiastic about Sam. “What grade does Sam Hagens give himself for his unexpected substitution as a presenter at Today Inside? An eight for his guts, I would say, but a four on the Genee Scale,” she writes in her infamous AD column.

Wow, that’s a very low score. “If anything became clear on Monday, it’s how essential his fiddling and fiddling are to the atmosphere, energy and momentum of the program.”

Beats dead

Wilfred has also been missed by the viewers. “The program is dead like a bad glass of beer. Sam Hagens is a nice guy but not at all suitable to pull the Today Inside bandwagon. Slow broadcast,” tweets viewer Michael.

Viewer Erwin agrees. “Sam is unfit! He talks too softly, has no humor and repeats what is whispered in his ear.”

Hans: “Actually, all three are irreplaceable at Today Inside. Not even Wilfred. Hopefully he’ll be back tomorrow. In any case, the overrated Sam Hagens is not the ideal replacement.”


And what does Telegraaf reporter Jordi Versteegden think of Sam? “That is starting to become a bit of SBS talk show h**r.”

Colleague Evert Santegoeds on that in the podcast Strictly Private: “Well, well, well.”

Today Inside captivated 682 thousand viewers (12 percent market share) last night.


Sam is being slammed on the socials: