Lady Gaga: the make up look of the new Harley Quinn

THE passionate cinephiles are anxiously waiting: these days, in New York, filming is underway for the sequel Of Joker: Folie a Deuxto be released in international theaters on April 10, 2024. The exceptional protagonist will be Lady Gaga in the role of harley quinn, the sweet half of the most beloved villain of comics (and cinema). The look by Gaga is already on the lips (and hearts) of the public. And the trick already shines a new light on one of the most loved “villains” of the big screen.

Lady Gaga’s make up as Harley Quinn

Forget the tones bubblegum and the fluo pigtails of Margot Robbie in previous films: the new version of Harley Quinn played by Gaga is more punk that never.

The look focuses on one clear face base with a marked contouring that sculpts the oval. The focus is then on the eyes, redesigned in a cartoon key with one smokey eyes total black pictorial, with two long strokes that seem to “cross” the irises.

On the lips, it shines a lipstick matt color cherry en pendant with the outfit. Long hair effect wet they frame the make-up of the character and give a gritty and bold allure in perfect style villains.

Lady Gaga’s makeup look as Harley Quinn (photo: Instagram)

Lady Gaga, always a beauty icon

Harley Quinn’s certainly adds to the make-up looks more beautiful sported by the international pop star over the years from music to cinema.

A multifaceted and quick-change artist who confirms herself as an undisputed beauty icon. Thanks to her extravagant looks, she is today an inspiration for makeup artist of all the world.

What more to expect from lady of pop? We just have to wait for next April to see the others beauty look Of Folie a Deux.