By Karin Hendrich

    Maurice P. (29), a neo-Nazi from Berlin-Britz known to the police, is said to have rammed a cutter knife into a person’s neck. The trial began on Tuesday before the district court. But only for dangerous bodily harm.

    Absolutely incomprehensible to the victim’s lawyer Steve W. (35). Sebastian Scharmer (joint plaintiff in the NSU trial): “Anyone who stabs 3 to 5 centimeters next to the carotid artery accepts the death of the other person.”

    That’s how the public prosecutor initially saw it when they brought charges of attempted murder before the district court. But the judges then saw a penalty-free resignation from the attempted homicide. Because: The defendant called off the attack and instructed an uninvolved witness to call the police. At least that’s the official explanation.

    But according to BZ information, Maurice P. got around the murder charge because of a lousy judicial deal. After he is said to have passed on information about his fellow inmates from custody to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution!

    Accordingly, the neo-Nazi, classified as a right-wing extremist, had ratted out his like-minded Tilo P. (39, ex-AfD member). He is said to have told him that he was the lookout for the arson attack on the car of left-wing politician Ferat Kocak (42).

    On February 1, 2018, left-wing politician Ferat Kocak's car caught fire next to his parents' house

    On February 1, 2018, left-wing politician Ferat Kocak’s car caught fire next to his parents’ house Photo: Private

    In the trial that has now begun, however, the accused remained silent. “Angry and out of hatred for people with dark skin color,” says the indictment, he is said to have inflicted a six-centimetre-long gash on the neck of his victim, Jamaican Steve W., in Rudow in September 2021 with a cutter knife.

    A witness: “The man screamed that he had been slashed.” Maurice P. (heavily drunk and under the influence of cocaine) boasted, according to the indictment, that he was a right-wing extremist. He worships Adolf Hitler, blacks are niggers…

    “The victim,” according to lawyer Scharmer, “is still traumatized today.” Nevertheless, the neo-Nazi faces a maximum of four years in prison. Continued: October 13.