Nadal’s 21st Grand Slam, the most watched match in history on Eurosport

01/31/2022 at 13:51


The 2022 Australian Open final between Rafael Nadal Y Daniel Medvedev, which was the Spanish’s twenty-first Grand Slam, became the most watched match in the history of the Eurosport channel, with 912,000 viewers who followed it live, with a 15.5% audience share on the channel.

As many as 2.2 million people watched the match at some point throughout its nearly five and a half hour run. The golden minute came at the end of the match, with 1,581,000 people connected to Eurosport 1.

The broadcast of this match on Eurosport doubled the number of viewers that was played last year between Novak Djokovic Y Medvedev at the Australian Open.


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