Monegal’s critique: A (superficial) approach to fear

The Cuatro chain has just released the program ‘Los fears’. It consists of taking out celebrities or famous people who are terrified of something, and the grace is to make them go through that trance, to see if they overcome it.

Fabiola Martinez, ex-wife of Bertin Osborne, is afraid of water, of deep water, and has been submerged in a pool to overcome it. to the actress loles lion They have raised her to the roof of a skyscraper to see if she can overcome her fear of heights and vertigo. the dancer Anthony Channels he is terrified of coffins, funeral homes…, he has never attended any funeral, not even his father’s, and he has never set foot in a cemetery. Either that Channels he has not understood that it is precisely in the cemeteries where the most beautiful peace is breathed.

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In short: this program is just a pretext to make foam with the figures that make up the Mediaset universe. Next week, for example, they have already told us that they will tell us what scares Chelo Garcia Cortes. In other words, all of this is going to consist of a parade of little creatures from this empire, a superficial, inconsequential, unambitious human landscape. This fear, panic, dread, deserved a repertoire of affected of greater importance. In a most interesting study by Professor Jose Antonio Marina (‘Anatomy of fear’, Anagram, 2006) tells us how he instructed Machiavelli to his imaginary princely disciples. He told them: «The ‘terribilità’ is a tool. Bad business when the people lose their fear. Fear is the most powerful political emotion.

Right now on TV-3 the espionage or ‘Catalangate’ remains very vibrant. The entire chain has been making it widely visible for a week. Fear is transmitted. The fear of continuing to be spied on. And at the same time the feeling of intolerable affront of Spain against Catalonia is instilled in the audience. This combination, fear and offense, always works very well. Another piece of news that also makes them vibrate is that Puigdemont resigns from the presidency of Junts. Here they convey hope instead of fear. They say that in this way he will be able to dedicate himself fully to being the president of the Consell de la República. I think they are wrong in ruling out the fear factor in this case. It is precisely the fear of being forgotten what moves Waterloo. And sonorous non-existent republics are invented.