A few minutes marked an absolute turnaround in the life of the principal sentenced for the death of Fernando Baez Sosa: Maximo Thomsen. The young man who led the group of rugby players who used to go out on weekends to show his power by beating him, after the court sentence, not only lost his freedom, but his leadership also vanished.

    Already in the last section of the trial, the rugbiers began to break the pact of silence that the family of thomson since they were arrested in Villa Gesell. It happens that his father, Marcel (56)was the parent with the strongest weight in the youth group, not only because in Zarate they affirm that he has a better economic past, but also because of supposed past links with political power.

    Thus, all the convicts lined up behind the orders of the lawyer’s orders Hugo Tomei and they maintained an absolute silence, something that began to break even before the convictions were known and that exploded after the convictions were known.

    The rude that is no longer

    maximum thomsen spends his days in prison Melchor Romero from where, after receiving a hard beating from those who knew to be his unconditional sides, he began to show breaks that worry the prison service staff. It was this same fight that led to the separation of the condemned.

    As soon as he was transferred, it was learned that he showed strong signs of depression, something that supposedly increases day by day. A note was even known in which the same thomson He claimed to feel “claustrophobic”, apologized for kicking the mailbox (the cell where he is being housed) and asked to see a pastor and a Bible. This raised alarm bells in the Penitentiary Servicewhere the fear of trying to kill himself led to taking precautionary actions.

    Since then, thomsen, the young man who hit the most Fernando Baez Sosa, causing his death for which he is currently serving a life sentence, he is constantly monitored and assisted by doctors and psychiatrists

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