Man stabs ex-sister-in-law and has to go to jail for eight months

A 26-year-old man has to go to jail for eight months for stabbing his ex-sister-in-law from Oudheusden. This was decided by the court in Den Bosch on Friday. He must also pay the woman compensation of almost three thousand euros and he is not allowed to contact her.

On July 27, 2022, things went horribly wrong in a house in Oudheusden when a woman was stabbed by her ex-brother-in-law while washing dishes in the kitchen. The woman survived the attack, partly thanks to the help of her neighbor.

Act of valor
When the injured woman was lifted out by her ex-husband, Ursula immediately jumped into the car on the way to the hospital. She was told by emergency services on the phone that an ambulance was driving near Vlijmen. Ursula pulled the ambulance full throttle and slammed on the brakes.

She landed across the hard shoulder, forcing the ambulance to stop. The injured woman was transferred on the hard shoulder to the ambulance that took her to the Jeroen Bosch Hospital. The next day the woman was back home and things went well given the circumstances.

Higher requirement
The prison sentence of eight months that the man receives is considerably lower than the sentence demanded by the judiciary. The prosecution wanted him to go to prison for three years. The court decides on this lower sentence, because the man is less responsible.

If he commits another offense within 3 years, he will face another year in prison. In addition, he must pay his ex-sister-in-law compensation of almost three thousand euros and he has been banned from contacting her.

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