A man who broke into a flat in Tilburg on Sunday afternoon and assaulted the resident, fell from the fifth floor during his flight. The man survived his fall and was arrested in hospital in Tilburg on Sunday evening. He is suspected of seriously assaulting the resident of the flat at Boksdoornerf, a 21-year-old woman.

    She had to go to hospital for treatment after the assault. The suspect is still in hospital, a police spokesman said. He says his condition is not life-threatening.

    After he entered the victim’s flat, police said he dragged her into the living room by her hair and then assaulted her. The suspect, a 32-year-old man from Tilburg, then wanted to flee through the balcony. He was probably about to climb down when the victim screamed to attract the attention of local residents and someone was at the front door. But that went wrong and he fell down at the height of the fifth floor, according to the police.

    Thought mom was at the door
    Shortly before that, he had rang the doorbell of the later victim. She thought her mother was at the door and opened it. At that moment she saw a man unknown to her standing at her door who spoke to her in English. His eyes were blurred, she described to the police. Not trusting it, she wanted to close the door. But the man pushed her back and broke into her house.

    According to the police, the investigation revealed that the man first tried to enter the apartment of another woman. The victim of the assault has filed a complaint.