Macron demanded a public apology for comparison with sewage

French President Emmanuel Macron found himself in the center of a loud scandal… The other day he gave an interview to Le Parisien and spoke very emotionally about the antiquated measures taken by the authorities. Among other things, Macron said that, literally speaking, he would like to mix with sewage all those French people who have not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus.

The local opposition drew attention to these very words. The head of state was accused of disrespect for compatriots, called on to publicly take back his words and apologize.

At the same time, representatives of the French president indicate that, firstly, he simply quoted the past president, Georges Pompidou. Second, they point out that Macron is quite understandable: the situation with the virus is really critical… Over the past day alone, 322 thousand citizens have become infected with covid in France.

As previously reported on the media platform “Watching”, Macron himself said in an interview that he really wants to “piss off anti-vaccines.”


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