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There was already a teaching package for carnival, and as of today, pupils at primary schools in Maastricht can also learn about the Maastricht Treaty. That was signed exactly thirty years ago.

The European Union was also born with the Maastricht Treaty. Precisely to include the Limburg youth in that European story, Studio Europa made a Do-Book. European Commissioner Frans Timmermans received the first copy in Brussels. “Europe belongs to all of us, and how we continue with this collaboration is also a question for children. It is great that this book stimulates children in a creative way to think about this for themselves.”

Wyck . primary school
At Wyck primary school, Faylice, Joppe, Aaron and Badaline are the first students of groups 7 and 8 to see the teaching material. “I knew the Treaty,” says Joppe, “but I never thought it was so important.”
The texts, puzzles and assignments in the book were created by educational specialists and historians. In the different chapters, children learn about the history of Europe, the Maastricht Treaty, the euro and the future of the European Union. “When people pay, they know that money originated here,” adds Badaline.

European Commissioner Timmermans is happy with the youth initiative. In the studio of the European Commission, Timmermans answers questions from Maastricht University students in honor of the anniversary. “Such a treaty needs maintenance and renewal,” says Timmermans. The Maastricht Treaty marked the start of a joint foreign and security policy. Timmermans says about this: “Perhaps it is good to reconsider whether decisions should be taken unanimously.”

For free
The Great Europe Do-Book is for primary school teachers free to order. The book is also available in a digital version.

Documentary Treaty
The signing of the Maastricht Treaty on 7 February 1992 followed the agreement reached at the December 1991 Euro Summit in Maastricht. On this thirtieth anniversary, L1 made a documentary about the legacy of the Maastricht Treaty.


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