Long queues at the door: this is what the crowds for the newly opened Dirk look like (VIDEO)

We recommend waiting a few more days because the Dirk supermarket is very busy. On Tuesday morning, after a major renovation and relocation, the supermarket that is favorite for bargain hunters in Zoetermeer was opened. The free shoppers flew out of the store like hot cakes.

Customers from all over Zoetermeer traveled en masse to Palenstein on Tuesday to do their shopping at Dirk. And guess what? Most of them are very satisfied with their new supermarket in Stadskwartier Palenstein, when we ask about their reactions.

Significant leakage

We only see the beaming eyes of branch manager Jurgen sticking out above his mouth cap. “I am delighted with our new business. It took a lot of sweat and tears but we opened on time. Well, a little later than planned. This morning at 5 am I got a call that there was a major leak in the store. The entire shop floor was covered in a layer of water. We have all mopped. As a result, we were only able to open at half past nine.”

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Long lines at the supermarket. Photo: near Zoetermeer

Scan yourself

At that time there was already a queue of about fifty people in front of the door. Impatiently waiting for a free, bright red Dirk shopper and an apple pie for one euro. The store is a lot bigger than the cramped place in the old shopping center. You can now also scan your groceries yourself and even pay with cash at the self-scan checkout. That’s handy!

Customers react positively to the renovated store. A mother and daughter from Rokkeveen cycled around to visit the supermarket. “It is very busy,” said the mother. “We were curious to see what the new store would look like.” A young mother with her two children is just walking out of the Dirk. “A wonderful shop. I walked here from Seghwaert. My son goes to school here so I just wanted to take a quick look.”

Store shopping carts

A big difference with the previous shopping center is that we can no longer shop indoors. However, the shopping area has changed so much that it cannot be compared to how it used to be. Most people agree that the former shopping center was very outdated. That is now closed and soon the sledgehammer will go through it. Incidentally, you can park in front of the door of the shops and Dirk’s shopping carts can be placed in the shed in the parking lot.

More stores open

In addition to Dirk, liquor store Dirck3 has also been opened and Bakker Ammerlaan has been open for over a week. In the bakery you can now also drink a cup of coffee with a tasty sandwich. This store is also a lot more spacious than its predecessor. Soon also supermarket Aldi, a hair salon, Indonesian restaurant and a few other businesses will open in the Palenstein city quarter, as the area is now called.

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