lle, Ville Hämäläinen denied the crisis

SaiPa let his home crowd down.


The home team rarely loses as badly in the SM league as SaiPa lost to HPK today.

After the back sauna, the stony-faced leader of the Lappeenranta residents appeared at the press conference Ville Hämäläinen.

– There is no other comment than that I apologize to everyone who came here. Our performance was not even close to what was sought here and I take responsibility for the fact that it was not possible to prepare the team in any way today, Hämäläinen regretted.

The serial jumbo has been in a bad mood lately. SaiPa has lost the last five games with a combined goal difference of 5–27. However, Hämäläinen denied that the team is in crisis.

Agree to find out

Luots was asked if the team plans to deal with the loss suffered by the club in some way.

– Well… I could say that whatever you think, if this is the case, maybe it will be dealt with in some way, a frustrated Hämäläinen said.

– Let’s go there and be together as a group. I’ve cooked this soup myself, so why not handle it somehow.

SaiPa’s consolidation must take place on the trip, because Hämäläinen’s protégés play their next four matches as guests of TPS, HIFK, Kärppie and KalPa.

Ville Hämäläinen in a tight spot. Elmeri Elo/AOP