Goal for EHC Munich, 2:0 by Philipp Krening

    After Julian Melchiori lost a disc in the neutral zone, Philipp Krening offers a gap on the right. Tobias Ančička blocks a first shot. Patrick Hager follows up. And then Krening is there again and pokes the disc over the line.



    Now Austin Ortega appears dangerously in front of the gate. At the last moment, Morgan Ellis gets the bat in between.



    After a good start anyway, the Red Bulls feel a lot of tailwind and determine what is happening on the ice. The polar bears have to sort themselves out first and hardly manage to become constructive themselves.



    Inside the left face-off circle, Andreas Eder takes the shot. This time Tobias Ančička reacts quickly and steers the hard rubber over the box.



    Austin Ortega

    Goal for EHC Munich, 1-0 by Austin Ortega

    Unchallenged, Austin Ortega, coming from his own third, marches through the neutral zone and is not seriously attacked. The striker walks through the center almost into the attacking zone and makes the covered wrist shot. The puck whizzes past Tobias Ančička’s catch hand in the top right corner and into the goal.



    The game runs smoothly in this initial phase. Both teams are disciplined to work.



    Now the guests don’t want to be asked any longer and stop by in the opposing third. Nothing is happening specifically in the direction of the goal.



    The hosts are determined to get started and immediately nestle in the attacking zone. Konrad Abeltshauser fires the first shot to the left of the blue line. With a clear view, Tobias Ančička easily fishes the disc away.


    The referees Marc Iwert and Roman Gofman should ensure order on the ice. Marius Wölzmüller and Markus Merk will assist the two referees.


    The clear number 1 Mathias Niederberger is used between the posts on the Munich side. The German national goalkeeper and former polar bear is the only goalie who has already managed a shutout in the young season. Otherwise, the statistics are of course not particularly meaningful at this early stage. Tobias Ančička is guarding the Berlin goal for the third time this DEL season.


    In the first new edition of the final series of the past season, Munich seem to have the advantage of form on their side. There is a realistic chance of revenge. Although the EHC won game 1 in Berlin at the end of April, the polar bears turned the series around, won 3-2 in Munich after extra time, 2-1 at home and played game 4 here in the Olympic Ice Sports Center at the beginning of May Oberwiesenfeld with a 5:0 all clear.


    The EHC Munich is in a much better position. Internationally, the German runner-up celebrated four victories against the Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and Slovan Bratislava and is already certain of reaching the CHL playoffs as the current leader in Group C. RB started in the DEL like Berlin with a bankruptcy (3: 6 in Cologne), but was followed by victories against Mannheim (5: 2), Augsburg (6: 0) and on Sunday in Iserlohn (4: 1).


    However, the Berliners have only played three games. After an away defeat at the start in Nuremberg (2:4), you then scored points at home against Wolfsburg (1:2 after penalty) and Frankfurt (5:4 after extra time). Things have also been mixed for the German champions in the Champions Hockey League so far. Although they controlled Grenoble in both games, they lost twice in between against Frölunda from Gothenburg. At the beginning of October, the matches against Mountfield HK from the Czech Republic will decide where Group G will go.


    Looking at the current DEL table, only Munich can be satisfied with the start of the season. As the two top teams of the last main round and final opponents of the past playoffs, the demands are of course correspondingly high. The Red Bulls live up to this as the current third. In contrast, the polar bears are bobbing around in 13th place.


    Welcome to the German Ice Hockey League! This Wednesday, the game between EHC Red Bull Munich and Eisbären Berlin will increase as part of the 5th matchday. The first puck should fall on the ice at 7:30 p.m.