09/28/2022 at 19:47


    Due to the inclusion of Gernika, a team must rest each day

    La Santboiana, defender of the title, starts on Sunday at the Baldiri Aleu against Ciencia de Sevilla

    The Rugby Division of Honor will kick off this weekend with the aim of turning the page on everything that happened last season with the national team and the relegation of Alcobendas, which has finally forced them to redo the calendar.

    The highest category of Spanish rugby will have 13 teams with the final inclusion of Gernika, who had lost the category but ‘re-joined’ the competition where the UE Santboiana will try to defend the title won last May.

    With those 13 teams, Six games will be played at home and another six away in the first round of the competition. And the tournament will change in the second, where the teams will be divided into two groups: Group A, made up of the top six classified from the first round, and Group B, with the remaining seven teams.

    Drag the points

    In the second round, all teams will carry the points accumulated in the first and the order of matches will be reversed in both groups in this legso that the team that played at home in the first round will do so as a visitor.

    How will the play-offs for the title be decided?. Eight teams will access as before, although the difference is that there will be a playoff of the first two from Group B, who will join the six teams from A to play the quarterfinals.

    Regarding the decline, two teams will directly lose the category (12th and 13th) while the eleventh will play a play-off for permanence with the loser of the final for promotion to the Honor Division.

    The Cup also changes

    The Copa del Rey will also experience a new format. It will start with a round of quarterfinals in which the third-placed team from the first round of the league will face the sixth, while the fourth will intersect with the fifth. The winners of these matches will face the first and second place finishers from the first round in the semifinals. Both are exempt from playing that first tie.

    Some changes with the aim of revitalizing the league championship after a convulsive summer and who wants to turn the page on everything that happened last year starting this weekend.