Lionel Messi not proud of troubles with Louis van Gaal and Wout Weghorst: ‘Didn’t think about it’ | Foreign football

Lionel Messi played a leading role in the match against the Netherlands at the World Cup in Qatar by scoring and assisting, but the Argentinian was also a topic of conversation afterwards. The attacker collided with Wout Weghorst and challenged Louis van Gaal. A month later, Messi looks back on what happened and says he is not entirely happy with his own behavior.

During the match, Messi was already not served by Weghorst’s behaviour. According to the Argentinian, the man of the two goals was provoking on the Dutch side and said things that do not belong to football. Afterwards, the Manchester United striker walked by during an interview with Messi in front of Argentinian television in the hope of being able to exchange shirts with Messi, and the 35-year-old Argentinian was not pleased. “What are you looking at, fool?” he said. “Keep going, you fool.” The statement caused quite a stir and was even immortalized as a tattoo.

Messi annoyed by Van Gaal comment

The star player of Paris Saint-Germain was already stimulated by previous statements from the Dutch camp. Van Gaal said prior to the game that Argentina would play with 10 men if they lost possession, because Messi would not defend.

Messi was right by being important in regular time and eventually winning the penalty shootout with his country. To rub that in with Van Gaal, Messi brought the decisive penalty a visit to the dug-out of the Netherlands. There he stood with his hands behind his ears and made a ‘chat gesture’.

Not proud of own behaviour

A month later, the seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or reflects on his own performance. He is not entirely happy with what happened afterwards. “I didn’t think about it, it happened in the moment. I knew everything that had been said before the game, what he had said. Even some of my teammates deliberately said, ‘Did you hear what he said’.”

“Now that it’s all over, I don’t like what I’ve done,” Messi continued TyC Sports. ,,But anyway, there are moments of a lot of tension, of a lot of nervousness and everything happens very quickly. You react as you react, but nothing was planned. It just happened. I’m not a fan of it, but these are things that happen.”