Former top model Linda Evangelista appears on the cover of British fashion magazine “Vogue” after her unsuccessful plastic surgery. “I miss my job so much, but honestly, what can I do? It won’t be easy,” the 57-year-old told the magazine in an interview.

    The Canadian was one of the most successful and famous top models in the world, especially in the 80s and 90s. Last September, Evangelista reported on Instagram that she had been “brutally disfigured” by cosmetic surgery: she had a procedure performed to reduce the number of fat cells in her body. In fact, the treatment “permanently deformed” her.

    The Canadian model told British Vogue that it would be difficult for her to find jobs. You will also no longer see her in a bathing suit.

    The pictures, which the magazine published online, show her wearing a hat and a scarf that only leaves her face exposed. The article states that for the cover images, Evangelista’s face, jaw and neck were slightly pulled back with tape and rubber bands. “That’s not what my jaw and neck look like in real life – and I can’t go around with tape and rubber bands everywhere,” the model is quoted as saying. (dpa)