No.emics? No, best friends. Demi Moore and Emma Heming they have never hidden the bond that binds them. Now, Bruce Willis’ ex-wife and the current one once again show their friendship on social media. By publishing a shot that did not go unnoticed by followers. Emma, ​​in fact, shared a photo on social media while she is wearing a swimsuit designed by Demi for the Andie brand. A tribute from her husband’s ex that the model definitely liked.

    Emma Heming in the Demi Moore costume

    Here she is Mrs. Willis with top and panties designed by Demi Moore. A two-piece blue with white and yellow pattern. The same as the costume in a different size that the actress also wears on social media. And the comparison arises spontaneously. The result? Both are splendid.

    The model and the actress with Andie costumes designed by Demi Moore (Instagram @demimoore)

    Demi and Emma, ​​Bruce Willis’ two women

    From 1987 to 2000 Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. They had three daughters: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. Their love made romantics all over the world dream. And even after the separation they always maintained good relations, especially for the sake of the daughters. Then, in 2009, the actor married model Emma Heming, with whom he had two other daughters, Mabel and Evelyn. Emma has always respected the relationship between Demi and Bruce, to the point that the two women have become great friends.

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    Demi Moore, 58 years old testimonial of the bikini line together with her daughters

    A large extended family

    The solidity of the relationship between Demi and Bruce has allowed to create over the years a large extended family which has become an example for all ex-couples. During the pandemic, the actor spent a period of lockdown with his ex-wife and their three daughters. Rumors have circulated about an alleged reunion of the couple but in reality Emma should have joined them too, then remained at her house due to an accident suffered by one of her daughters. And even after the news of the aphasia that hit the star of Die Hard, Emma and Demi have promised to be with him, together, during his illness. Demonstrating to the world how to get along with the ex and his new family.