During the recording of her reality series Jaimie: In The Vaes Lane, Jaimie Vaes was startled by a silly streaker. The man unexpectedly showed his behind with a jockstrap decorated.

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    It has been two weeks since the festive Canal Parade took place in Amsterdam. It was not only the day when Tim den Besten started singing all kinds of controversial Sinterklaas songs, but also the day when Jaimie Vaes made her debut as a DJ. She was very static behind her DJ booth, but her entourage loved it.


    Good friend Koen Kardashian, the stage name of Koen Pieter van Dijk, flew around Jaimie’s neck after her somewhat amateurish performance. “You do it all. I’m proud of you!”

    Gosh, that girl shuffles back and forth behind her DJ table, what a power woman. She was therefore ‘in a kind of hyperfocus’ before her performance. “I notice that the moment I am distracted, I get a short circuit. I’m really autistic about that. I can’t do two things at once. I have to have some kind of hyperfocus.”


    After the performance, Jaimie’s camera crew filmed her receiving compliments. At that moment, a cheeky streaker shuffles past in the background. When the young man in question notices that the cameras are on him, he pauses for a moment to show off his jockstrap-adorned buns.

    The footage made it to the season finale of Jaimie: In The Vaes Lane, as the streaker shows up during a pivotal moment for the storyline, namely Koen hugging Jaimie after her DJ debut.

    Watch conflict

    It’s not just a party in Jaimie’s new life, by the way. She was in the news last week because she went to court because of a conflict with her ex Lil Kleine over expensive watches.

    Why does she do that? “The only thing I can think of is that it would of course be nice content if she wanted to make a new season of Jaimie in the Vaes Lane very quickly,” analyzes TV connoisseur Rob Goossens in RTL Boulevard.

    forging iron

    It is very important to Jaimie to in the picture so she can keep up her lucrative TV work. After all, she would like to make a sequel to her reality series.

    Rob: “The final episode of the third season has just come out and it seems to be the most watched program on Discovery+, so maybe they’re thinking: forging iron when it’s hot.”