IS time to smile again for Asia Argento. The actress is enjoying the summer by the sea in the company of her daughter Anna Lou Castoldi, born of love with Morgan, and what appears to be the new boyfriend. It is about Michele Martignoni, MMA championmixed martial arts, known as the italian thunder. Judging from the shots, there seems to be a great complicity between the two. And the question arises: is a new love born?

    Does Asia Argento have a new boyfriend?

    He leans on her shoulder who smiles looking at the camera, then hug each other and cheek to cheek again. The images published on Instagram they don’t lie: there is a feeling between the actress and Michele Martignoni. Despite the great age difference (he is 26, she is 20 years old) the two seem to be in perfect harmony. But who is the man who could have stolen the actress’s heart?

    Who is Michele Martignoni

    Originally from Rome, statuesque physique, large light eyes and dark hair, well-trained physique, Michele is a mixed martial arts champion. The nickname “Italian thunder” derives from his record: seven seconds with a flying kick. Even on his Instagram profile there are some pictures together with the actress: hugging each other and during a workout together. And it is not excluded that the feeling that binds them was born right in the ring.

    Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona, still together

    Love after the dark period

    Asia Argento, therefore, finds happiness after a dark period. Recently celebrated a year of sobriety on social media telling of having hit the bottom between alcohol and drugs. The suicide of comrade Anthony Bourdain five years ago also pushed it further and further down.

    Then, the decision to say enough and go back. “My mission is to be happy»Wrote in an Instagram post. And with Michele Martignoni at her side, apparently, she is succeeding.